Utoy Cemetery Association, Inc.
Utoy Cemetery Association, Inc.

Grounds Maintenance To-Do List

We contracted with TKM Lawn Care, LLC to perform monthly grass cutting during the Spring, Summer and Fall months of 2017.  We completed the leaf clean-up during February, in preparation for the annual Phoenix Flies Event.
Projects that need to be done:
1. Many monuments need to be repaired and cleaned.
2. Plants need to be purchased and planted, according to Martha Robertson’s May 2016 planting design, especially along the northern fence line, near Cahaba Drive.
3. Root ball of newly fallen tree, at the main entrance, plus root ball of January, 2017 fallen 150-year old large oak, in SW Quadrant, need removal or stump grinding.
4. Fence needs repairing at two (2) locations where fallen trees have damaged the fence.
5. The NW quadrant needs the new growth bush sprouts to be cut even with the ground, using the loppers.  Then, this area can be cut and mulched with a lawnmower.
6. Either the shed roof is leaking, or the rain diversion ditch is not working adequately, causing the shed floor to stay wet for weeks after it rains.  This is causing the floor to begin to delaminate and rot.  Either the roof needs to be sealed with liquid sealant or the rainwater diversion ditch dug deeper, and/or the front edge of the shed needs to be dug out to allow rainwater to flow under the shed instead of damming up against the front shed wall. 
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